Berghaus Paclite Jacket - Women

Product no.: be_4040203042[1] (Colour: Extreme red, Size: XL)

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Weatherproof and compact. Ultra light.
Material: weatherproof breathable Gore-Tex Paclite. Outer material: 100% Ripstop nylon. Reglan sleeves fit perfectly, because the shoulder is seamlessly connected to the arms. 380 g/L.

Selection: Berghaus Paclite Jacket - Women

Product no. Colour Size Status Price
be_4040203036[1] Extreme red S
be_4040203038[1] Extreme red M
be_4040203040[1] Extreme red L
be_4040203042[1] Extreme red XL
be_4040203044[1] Extreme red XXL
be_4040201036[1] Black S
be_4040201038[1] Black M
be_4040201040[1] Black L
be_4040201042[1] Black XL
be_4040201044[1] Black XXL

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Berghaus Paclite Jacket - Men
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Berghaus Paclite Jacket - Men
Berghaus Paclite Jacket - Women
Berghaus Paclite Jacket - Women

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